"I study."

Translation:Tôi học.

July 11, 2016



When we speak to elders, to show reverence (huge part of Vietnamese culture), we say, "con". Does Duolingo explain that other subjects like "em, anh, con, etc." can be used, too? I hardly ever use "toi", because I feel like it is so strong.. Although, it could be due to my upbringing. As I was growing up, I always used "con" even if it was to someone younger than me because I was ignorant..

Any advice on which subject to use for various situations? Thanks.

August 19, 2016


I'm wondering if the course will cover that more into detail too; I never use toi unless it's with strangers. But like other language courses for beginners I think Duolingo might be taking the super-formal route so that no one that learns through here exclusively accidentally offends anyone when they first start practicing outside the website haha.

August 28, 2016


That makes sense, JL95. I suppose as passionate linguists we ought to seek other ways to enhance our knowledge and understanding of each language. It would certainly be dull if we limit our learning only to duolingo lessons. I am sure there are other avenues where we can expand and master Vietnamese. Probably the best would be to have direct communication with native speakers and ask them questions, fumble around, and then correct ourselves.

Where there is a will, there's a way! God Bless. :) Tạm biệt, bạn.

September 7, 2016


Please fix the pronunciation audio on this discussion page. Audio button does not work when clicked. Thanks.

February 9, 2017


For those wanting to know how to do the characters, here's a page that explains how to get the right keyboard and use it. https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/vi/en/status

April 19, 2017


How do I type the symbols needed to make the correct spelling?

October 6, 2016


you can accesse to unikey.vn, then download the portable software to typing Vietnamese. Hope it helps

August 8, 2018


How to get Vietnamese chars?

November 7, 2016
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