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Cute German words

Eselsbrücke - (asses bridge) Mnemonic

Katzenjammer - hangover

Zungenbrecher - tongue twister

Helfershelfer - accomplice

Jammerschade - What a pity

Spritztour - spin

Hirnamputiert - brain-damaged (not a medical term and very impolite)

Dummschwätzer - liar liar

Ohrwurm - Earworm. This is a situation when you can't get a song out of your ear.

Swedish cute word: solkatt, meaning "sun cat". It refers to the little reflection of the sun that can appear on the ground if sunlight hits a nearby wristwatch or another reflective (and moving) surface.

This info is from the comments in this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AJcu8DK5Sc

July 12, 2016



Katzenjammer c; I love it!


Handschuh: glove. literally hand shoe. If that isn't adorable I don't know what is.


Really cute


Kopfkino (head cinema) - when someone gives you more information about a private topic than you ever wanted to hear and a little film starts in your head that you can't unsee ;)

And it probably exists in several languages, but it's so obscure and I just love the word since I once saw an ad on a truck: "Mietmöbel" (rent-furniture). If you for example want to sell a flat, you can rent really nice furniture for when possible buyers come, so that the flat looks nicer in general and sells for a higher price. But the word! Mietmöbel! I just love it.

But, I actually doubt that "Katzenjammer" means "hangover" anywhere. I mean, we have the obscurest dialects, but I think "Katzenjammer" refers to the annoying sound cats make expecially when fighting with each other, and means "badly played music". At least that's how I would understand it. Although a hangover has something to do with cats too, it's a "Kater" (literally a male cat).

Another thing: While brain-damaged can be a description of a medical condition (right?), "hirnamputiert" can't (maybe it's obvious why?^^) - it should be used with caution, it's very colloquial and a quite strong insult.


The Wikipedia article about the comic strip ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Katzenjammer_Kids ) repeats the "hangover" meaning, but I suspect you're right and it isn't used that way in Europe.


Well, both a hangover and badly played music make your head hurt and you want to shield your ears from noise. So maybe it is a little similar ;)


I have heard it with that meaning a few times, it's not super common, though.


Danke. Thanks for the new words and explanation. Kopfkino is cute.


Bierleichen = beer corpse. Learned at Oktoberfest a few years back :)


Hirnamputiert - more like brain-amputated (probably explains why it's so rude)

Dummschwätzer - not sure what "liar liar" is supposed to mean, but a Dummschwätzer is someone saying/babbling (lots of) idiotic things.

Some more:

Altweibersommer ("Crones' Summer") - late summer, around September, named because of a certain kind of spider that lets its silk strands fly through the air which looks like old women's grey hair.

kleinkariert ("small-checkered") - narrow-minded, pettyfogging; originally the word compares a person to millimeter paper.

Fremdschämen ("external embarrassement") - when someone else messes up so badly you feel the embarrassement [you think] they should be feeling.


Thanks for sharing.


One of my favorites: Himmelfahrt - Ascencion into heaven.


Did you maybe mean "Himmelfahrtskommando"? A very risky order which almost certainly ends fatal.


How do you use that word.


It's a holiday in most parts of Europe.


Hirnamputiert. XD


thanks for these great phrases


Glühbirne = light bulb (literally "glow pear")


It makes sense.


The word narwhal or narwhale, ( yes narwhals are real ) means " corpse whale " or " dead body whale " nar in Norse meant corpse and whal meant whale. Why is this, I have no idea. But still weird and cool. :)


Oh man, you are right! I should've asked Wikipedia first. Katzenjammer really means hangover, as well as "the disillusion after great happiness". It's actually a mitigated version of the original from Goethe's time, Kotzen-Jammer (kotzen = to barf, jammern = to wail, moan, whine, lament).

Thanks, Wikipedia! ^^ That's how well I know my native language... I would have used it wrongly forever.


Here's some of the finest german/austrian stuff :) G'schüttelter/ Ang'rennter = idiot Arschgeweih = tramp-stamp Kater = Hangover (i don't think anyone uses Katzenjammer) Schadenfreude = State of happiness about someones bad luck/mischief Liebeshanteln = the fatty part around the lower waste fremdschämen = being ashamed of sharing the same species with someone really stupid. Warmduscher = a ❤❤❤❤❤/sissy (A question u would ask a "warmduscher" would be "bist du aus Zucker oder wie ?" tote Hose = nothing happening. fesch = good looking Wurscht sein = to not care about and in the and a really rude one (as if the others weren't already kinda rude^^) restlfen = the process of picking up a guy/girl at 4 in the morning shortly before the disco closes because ur desperate not to go home alone that night and haven't managed to meet someone u actually find interessting or even "fesch". Most of the time its already "tote Hose" if ur there at that point. U might be in the process of "fremdschämen". its likely that there is a girl with a "arschgeweih" and she will restlfen with a "G'schütteter" who will have a "Kater" the next day and not remember that he played with her "liebeshanteln". But it will be "wurscht" because that's life ;)


What about Dummschwätzer = blither, blithering idiot, gasbag?


I think of one of the cutest german words is "Teekesselchen". "Teekesselchen" has two meanings: 1. a small tea pot 2. a hormonym (a word with multiple meanings)


@jaz1313. - Two remarks: 1. "Teekessel" is a parlour game in which identical words must be guessed. 2. The correct spelling is "homonym"!


I'm German and honestly have never heard that before.


Look it up in a dictionary ;) Most people learn it in elementary school instead of "Hormonym"


@*jaz1313. - I suppose such an elementary school exists only in somebody's imagination. - But I would be very grateful for proof to the contrary!

By the way, homonym is the correct spelling!

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