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Is Ukrainian worth learning?

Hi guys

Do any of you have any experience with the Ukrainian tree to tell me if it is worth learning? I've heard the tree is short but I wanted to know if within the course, do they teach all verb types correctly and explain things well in the tips and notes section?

July 12, 2016



As a native English speaker myself and a Russophile, I'll tell you why Ukrainian is a worthwhile language from my point of view. Ukrainian shares more similarity with Bulgarian, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Belorussian and other Slavic languages than it does with Russian. The tree is nice and short although it was perhaps hastily made and is now in beta limbo for God knows how long. If you plan on studying Polish or Russian in the future, use the short but sweet Ukrainian tree as best as you can to give yourself a platform for these languages. I'm picking up Polish far more easier now because of the Ukrainian skills that I have. Everyone is different though so overall, my recommendation is to do Ukrainian if you want to take up Polish or Russian in the future. I'm taking up Esperanto now so that I may try a Romance language in the future.


As we say in the US, "Different strokes for different folks." I understand why you find it worthwhile, LFCmisha. The time I can devote to learning new languages is limited, sometimes very much so. It is probably a better use of my time to go straight to Russian at this point. Good luck to you with your language adventures!


Keep up the Ukrainian the way you're going at the moment so you get the hang of the complexities of a Slavic language :). I'll be glad to help you out with either language too, as Russian is my major in university. Good luck to you too! :)


Worth learning? I tried the course and I thought so. It's a pretty language and it teaches another script; if you learn Ukrainian, you'll be able to read some Russian. Is it good? I actually deleted my tree for a few reasons, one of which being the course felt...sketchy. I felt that if I wouldn't be committed to learning it anytime soon, might as well put it to the side until I can focus on it. There are also a lot of errors; one person even posted about the course being incomplete.

That being said, if you want to learn Ukrainian, use a lot of other sources and be very committed, because it's probably one of the less reliable courses on Duolingo. Not that it won't teach you and Ukrainian, but you might want to be careful when a course has been in Beta for over a year and the contributors have not been responding to messages. I do know a few people who benefited from completing the tree despite the errors, which is a decent sign.


Well said - it does seem a bit "sketchy". I had begun learning it because one of my children is moving to Kiev for work, and I hope to go visit. Russian might be just as useful there and more useful overall (and it's not in permanent Beta form).


Hopefully the bugs will get worked out as more people take the course. I have high hopes for it as Ukrainian is a wonderful language. I have to say that personally I'm enjoying it while using other sources.


Here is the best site I found devoted to the Ukrainian language if you want to take it back up again in the future.



It's a beautiful language, so I think it's worth learning. I love Ukrainian accent, even if it's hard for me to speak like Ukrainian native. But I recommend you to use also different resources to learn it, because it's rather short and if you want to speak really fluent you should learn more.


If you are looking for a pretty language - go for it. It does sound QUITE better irl than here (no offence to the girl whom you can hear in the course). As a philologist I so far "reached" level seven in my native Ukrainian. Just for lulz and testing. I can tell they've done a good job. Though there's a lot more to it (like the word "чи" or so) in Ukrainian, I haven't notice any raw mistakes in the cource (for someone who's not slavic those mistakes will not be noticeable at all). But still, even if there's plenty of better info in the internet, I still encourage you to try it here justfbor basics at least. And then you'll know yourself if you want to learn it deep =)


Yes, learn ukrainian. I am from Ukraine.And I like how this teaching Ukrainian. And sorry for my bad english



The tree may be short, but it is equivalent to a full year (2 semesters) or more of university lessons. I know, because I took three semesters in uni, many years ago, and have used Duolingo to refresh my learning. They could expand on the grammar, and give more explanation, but it is has more than enough to learn (I haven't even finished the tree!).



(I know this is 3 years late and I know no-one will probably read this) I literally just started it and my first impressions, Its a bit fast. Almost like it was made in a hurry or something, It throws a buncha stuff at you, you’ll get questions wrong but once you get like 3 or 4 levels in, thats when You start getting it which isnt great because you dont have much left to practice so its almost like you have to keep going even once you reach level 5.


It's not the easiest language. But for a Slavic language, it's simple and beautiful.

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