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  5. "אני רושמת את המתכון."

"אני רושמת את המתכון."

Translation:I write down the recipe.

July 12, 2016



what's the difference between רושם and כותב?


I politely disagree with AmirLFC, there is another slight difference. לרשום means to write down something, like a dictation, a recipe, a phone number, meeting notes. לכתוב implies composing something in writing or expressing something - a book, a letter, a diary.


I only partly agree. While it's right that you can't לרשום a book, you can definitely לכתוב a phone number, a recipe etc.


From your post, I think the best matching English verb would be 'to jot down'. What do you think?


Sounds about right as far as my English goes. :-)


I think "copy down" might be better.


So that would make this new verb, לרשום, like "take notes on", correct? For anyone who speaks Spanish, it's probably like "apuntar" then.


That one of the uses of לרשום.


They are sometimes interchangeable, but often not. In this specific sentence, there is a very subtle difference:

  • I am writing down the recipe: אני רושמת את המתכון
  • I am writing the recipe: אני כותבת את המתכון

In other words, רושמת here clarifies that she is in fact copying the recipe from somewhere else, while כותבת doesn't imply that, and the connotation leans more toward original writing.


In this sentence they're interchangeable, but לרשום can also mean 'to draw/scribble' and 'to register'.


Sometimes I google words with images. When I googled רשם, which is probably the noun that the verb came from, I saw pics of people meeting each other, shaking hands, going on dates. Then I went to an online Hebrew-English dictionary, and the noun means "impression." Pens and pencils can also be used to make impressions of something, so that's how I keep the two different verbs distinct in my head. I have heard that most abstract ideas in Hebrew are based in the concrete, and this would be a good example of that.


That's such a good idea. I'm going to try it. Images are so helpful for aiding memory.


this idea is actually what fluent forever app and website are based on, they have most frequently used words list and the definition fit 600 words in the languages and to can buy illustrations to use on Anki or flashcards, so you don't see the English translation, the app is Kickstarter most funded app ever, it was on a cover of magazines... https://fluent-forever.com it's not out yet but he shows to how to use the images until it is.


This is bad English. I would never use this and if I heard it I would think the speaker was not a native.


I wrote down the recipe. I am writing down the recipe.


You should put many of the sentences in present progressive.


Ani roshémet et ha matkón


Thanks for transliteration!


How do you say recipe ?


מתכון Matkohn


So, I just want to make sure I have it clear: רשום is more for copying sone2thing down, while כותב is more for writing original work / creating something new?


Sone2thing = something. As usual please excuse my phone typos


To say "write out" the recipe is common also.


so as we are learning through software, how do we know the subtleties of the language when there are no explanations?

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