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Looking for friends to learn polish and teach Portuguese!

If you are learning as well, add me as a friend! We can compete and maybe help each other.

If you already know polish and I could help u with some Portuguese that would be nice too.

July 12, 2016



I'm in! I'm originally Polish, I live in Scotland, so my English is fairly good, and I am now learning Portuguese (preferably European, but any will do!).

Let me know if you wish to practise together or something:) Are you Portuguese?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


yes, I'd like to practise together! I believe I'm still at a lower level, though... maybe we could manage to chat via text somehow!

I'm brazilian. It's pretty much the same; accent is the biggest difference i guess, so you wont have problems using what u've practised with me on Portugal, if thats ur plan.

So, FB or whatsapp, something like that? Or even here, i dont know if they have a msging system actually


Hei, I don't know if they have any messenger option here... Best for me would be Facebook I guess - this is my profile - https://www.facebook.com/gosia.kepka.7 You can add me, and we could start from there I guess...

My Portuguese is pretty basic as of yet as well, but I hope we will be able to help each other and practice :)

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