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"I don't drink tea without her."

Translation:אני לא שותֶה תה בלעדיה.

July 12, 2016



How is בלעדיה pronounced?


Bil-'a-DEY-a. Most Hebrew speakers today pronounce the ע as a glottal stop like א, and the ה at the end is a vowel.


When do you use בלי and when do you use בלעד for the word "without"? Don't they mean the same thing?


ani lo shoteh teh beeladeah


Can anyone tell me why we use dalet most times when saying "without" but when we talk about Not without shoes! we don't use the dalet only בלי


That is just how this preposition is inflected. It's base form is בלי and you use it like that with any noun, like: בלי נעליים (without shoes) or בלי ילדים (without children). However, if you use a personal pronoun, than the base changes to בלעדי and you add the suffixes - בלעדיי (without me) or בלעדינו (without us) and so on.

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