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  5. "זכור לךָ ההסכם שלנו?"

"זכור לךָ ההסכם שלנו?"

Translation:Do you remember our agreement?

July 12, 2016



In what situation would you use this sentence over the simpler אתה זוכר את ההסכם שלנו ? Is the version in this exercise more formal?


not only more formal, but more polite too.


Is this literal for: Memorable to you the agreement of us? I am trying to understand the meaning if zekhur in a literal sense


"Remembered to you the agreement of us?" Or, "Is our agreement remembered to[/by] you?" The agreement is characterized as something that is remembered, which is the focus of the utterance. The speaker could sincerely be asking the addressee, or it might just be a way of reminding them (in the form of a question that elicits a yes-or-no response).


"have you remembered our agreement?"


No, there is no past tense in this sentence.


למה לא: is our agreement remembered to you?


Well, that just wouldn't sound right in English. "Remembered by you" maybe, as a literal translation, but even that sounds a bit odd.


Should it not be," Did you remember our agreement? "


In this English sentence the verb is not passive.


In what way is it passive in Hebrew? that would be 'it is remembered'.


Did you read the tips? It is the passive participle of זכר. It would be like "remembered" in English. Verbs in both languages don't always align. Sometimes, in one language it is passive and in other it is active. But even if it is passive here, you have to translate it actively, because "it was remembered" doesn't male sense in English.


In English there would be two different meanings; I remember something, or a thing is remembered by me. The first is active, the second passive. How does Hebrew differentiate?


I remember = אני זוכר /זוכרת ; remembered by me = זכור לי as in this example. Are these "two different meanings" or just two different verb forms being used to express the relationship between me and the remembered thing in two different ways?


dovbear57 I don't see a 'reply' possibility under your latest comment so am replying here. 'I remember' means I am doing something with my memory at the moment of speaking. 'Remembered by me' implies a permanent state of being up to this moment.


Looks like they cut off the "reply" option after a few exchanges so the threads don't get too long. But yes, I now understand your explanation and accept the distinction you are making.

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