"You are not Peter."

Translation:Ön nem Péter.

July 12, 2016

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Why "Ti nem vagytok Péter" and not "Ti nem vagy Péter"?


"Ti" is the second person plural pronoun, and you conjugate "van" as "vagytok" with it, therefore "Ti nem vagy Péter" can't be correct.

"Ti nem vagytok Péter" ("You guys are not Péter") is unusual, but not unimaginable.

But maybe you were thinking of "Te nem vagy Péter"? "Te" is the second person singular pronoun, and the right form of "van" with it is indeed "vagy". This sentence is absolutely correct.


Can I omit the vagy in this situation? (Te nem Péter), or this is only allowed in 3rd person?

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