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  5. ""To be or not to be"."

""To be or not to be"."

Translation:"Tồn tại hay không tồn tại".

July 12, 2016



Guys! everyone who is getting Tồn tại hay không tồn tại wrong, I got it right by putting the answer in quotes. Try doing that, and you may get it right too.


Please check this reply because I receive always error :Tồn tại hay không tồn tại


Indeed there's something wrong with this sentence. Many others type the same answer that matches the given one but still get incorrect mark. Will submit a bug ticket.


I can't finish the lesson because it will not accept my answer. How do I move on ???


How am I to complete the lesson when this question is asked over and over and over ?? Is there some way to bypass the lesson in order to move on ?


Some sort of bug, probably, but the answer is : "Tồn tại hay không tồn tại."

Written like that, quotation marks and all, the answer is correct. I can't get it accepted any other way.


This is so frustrating! It continues to give an error message and will not let me finish the lesson (even with all the dots, hats and dashes!).


The system cannot grade this sentence properly. I will disable it for now.

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