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"Fremtiden vil vise hva vi kan gjøre."

Translation:The future will show what we can do.

July 12, 2016



What about vil here? In all of the previous exercises of this lesson it meant want to all the time. How can I distinguish between vil meaning want to and will?


By context only. If it's a person, then they "will" it to be which is the same as "wanting" it to be. If it's an inanimate object (or an abstract concept in this case) then it's an example of personification, meaning it is going to happen through cause and effect. The latter is the common modern English meaning of the word "will".


Could you use skal in place of vil here?


No, since you only use skal with plans. The future doesn't make plans. The future ruins plans ;]


Jeg kan høre setningen som både "Framtiden..." og "Fremtiden..". Jeg synes begge bør være ok.

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