"Why does he speak Hebrew? I speak only English!"

Translation:למה הוא מדבר עברית? אני מדבר רק אנגלית!

July 12, 2016

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What is the difference between אני רק מדבר אנגלית and אני מדבר רק אנגלית?


אני רק מדבר אנגלית - I do nothing but speak English.

אני מדבר רק אנגלית - The only language I speak is English.


The רק modifies the word directly folowing it.


So by the way, אני רק מדבר אנגלית could mean something like I only speak it, I can't read or write it. Or I do nothing all day but speak English, speak English, speak English! Depending on intonation and context.


Ah okay this makes sense, thanks!

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Very helpful! תודה רבה


láma hu medabér ivrít? aní medabér rak anglít!


Thanks for the explanations below about רק modifying the word directly after it, but is it me, or is it just a bit odd that he's saying the sentences in Hebrew but only speaks English?


I could invent a story where this would make sense. Say the speaker is an English teacher in a school in Israel. She makes it a point to speak only English in class. Then she finds out a colleague of hers, another English teacher, speaks also Hebrew in class. So she walks annoyed to the principal's office, and says (in Hebrew): ...

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