"Ki ül le a diákhoz az iskolában?"

Translation:Who sits down by the student in the school?

July 12, 2016

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Is this trying to evoke someone sitting down next to the student or sitting down by the student? You can't "sit down to" someone in English.


Someone is sitting down next to the student.


Great thanks! I presume that by using leül and the diák plus allative hoz, the question is asking who is in the process of sitting down next to the student, rather than ül without a verb prefix and diák plus adessive nál ??


I think it should be sit down "by" the student here. "next to" is usually rendered with mellett and/or mellé. "By" is with "-nál" and/or "-hoz".


The "le" is not audible in the voice clip. It merges into the words around it, making it nearly impossible to hear. I reported this.


This is not english. Are they suggesting either of the following: 'In school, who is sitting down next to the student', 'In school, who sits next to the student'.. I suggest that they just replace this sentence it is unwieldy.


We don't sit down "to" something/someone in English. You can sit down "with" or "next to".

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