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  5. "I want a jacket."

"I want a jacket."

Translation:אני רוצֶה ז'קט.

July 12, 2016



Why ז'קט and not ג'קט ? (e.g. jeans is גִ'ינס...)


Based on the examples seems to be ז for the softer g sounds (eg beige), but jacket is a harder sound like jeans and Jupiter... EDIT: guess that's for the English pronunciation. Based on the audio in Hebrew it sounds more like a soft J, such as like in Jacques


I pronounce 'jacket' all the time with a soft j. Maybe I am doing a mistake.


Now I found something! According to Google you can also write it as ג'ָקֵט and that'd be your pronunciation.


Does anyone know how to type geresh on the mac keyboard? I couldn't find anything on the internet


I use the single quotation mark.


I used the single quotation mark as well and got it "almost correct"


I did as well and they marked it wrong. If you use the english one it works but we should not have to switch back and forth.


But it's not a quotation mark. It's geresh, found on the "w" key.


It's the letter Q on my BlackBerry, top left key.


ג' => The sound begins with a 'd' and then goes to the 'j'.
Try to say loudly "Jack". It is actually sounds like: Djack. Same for George, journal, John etc. All begin with 'D'. Examples in Hebrew: ג'ק, ג'קי, ג'ון, ג'וק, ג'ינס, ג'לטין, דודג', ג'ונסון.

ז' => The sound begins immediately with 'j'. It's like in French pronouncing of: Jacque, Juin. Examples in Hebrew: ז'ילבר, ז'ק, ז'קלין, ז'ורנל.


I couldnt find the second letter in my typing on lsst word


It's not a letter, but "geresh". It should be on the "w" key.

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