"I will come to their wedding."

Translation:Tôi sẽ đến đám cưới của họ.

2 years ago



In Vietnamese, "I will come to their wedding" might sound natural but in English you would say, "I will go to their wedding"

1 year ago

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I agree that it sounds natural to use "come". As far as events go, I use "come" as though I'm saying "attend" versus saying it as "go" to mean I will be transporting/be in the act of moving my body towards the wedding. Lol, idk if that makes any sense.. but that's what naturally comes out of my mouth when I'm saying I plan to be there

1 year ago


my thought only. 'i will come' sound a bit odd. 'I will go' may sound a little better especially when alluding to an event of a third party

2 years ago


I will come sounds entirely natural especially if you're saying it in a positive manner as if you're happy to go and don't feel forced.

2 years ago
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