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  5. "הפסטה קצרה."

"הפסטה קצרה."

Translation:The pasta is short.

July 12, 2016



Does this mean something in Hebrew? It's awkward in English.


in hebrew we call any kind of, uh, "italian noodles", as pasta. spaghetti included. So yeah, I could say that the pasta is short. הפסטה קצרה, אבל רציתי ארוכה = the pasta is short, but i wanted it long.


This concept is strange for me as a Brasilian student, or not only for me, for others students too. I've never heard about "short pasta".


right, in English you'd never hear pasta referred to as "short" but it's good to know that in hebrew they would say it :) if it matters to anyone speaking hebrew, in English if pasta (spaghetti) was short that would mean it was broken in small pieces before they cooked it - if so, you might hear, "I prefer my spaghetti noodles long", or "I don't when they break the pasta into little pieces" - just an idea from the English side - not that it really matters :)


ha-pásta ktzará.


Ah, Johnny, ya got meh! Is it because there's a "hey" prefix on "pasta" that the word "is" is understood in this sentence? In other words, how do you know it doesn't just say, "The short pasta"? (Like you, I look forward to the day when it will be unnecessary for me to ask such questions...soon, I hope!) Thanks for your patience and help. :)


Sort of, yes. You can say הפסטה היא קצרה and mean the same thing but the copula is optional. The reason this is necessarily "the pasta is short" rather than "short pasta" is the ה or in fact, its absence - that would be הפסטה הקצרה, both noun and adjective get a ה in a definite noun phrase.


Thanks a million! You're da best! :)


lamla979415. I like your sense of humour!

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