"He is a boy."

Translation:הוא ילד.

July 12, 2016

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הוא בן גם צריך להיות נכון


As said in other comments, it could be בן


It is not possible to say : הוא בחור ?


No. Bachur is older than a boy, it is a "guy"

Another translation could be "Hu Ben"


Well ok but we say even to adult boys... So If I understand well if in this course is used in english boy, it means child - boy.


I got a typonwarning for this statement, it shows me there is no period at the end, yet there is no choice for a period.


My sound in English letters should have been accepted...upgrade Duolingos c as pacity...we're not billion dollar public companies...dont xpect us to pay for snazzy keyboards with exotic weird letters


No, writing Hebrew in Latin (not English) letters should not be allowed. That would actually be a downgrade, as you wouldn't be learning proper Hebrew.

You don't need to buy a "snazzy keyboard with exotic weird letters" - your computer already has the capacity to write in Hebrew, you just need to enable it in the language settings.

But my question is - if it's weird, why do you want to learn it?

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