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"The policemen stand to the doors."

Translation:A rendőrök az ajtókhoz állnak.

July 12, 2016



"stand to the doors" isn't a normal English construction.


You should report it every time it comes up. It's what I do. (There is no good English way to express this particular nuance... "position themselves at" might come close, but it's clumsy.)


I do, but I think it's good to have a visible comment about it too, for those who aren't necessarily sure about the English.


[ 1 ] to stand in an upright position (stand up, at attention, house on a hill)
[ 2 ] to stand, to exist (plants)
[ 3 ] to stand, mobile objects idling (books stand on bookshelf)
[ 4 ] to suit (clothes/hairstyle) "That outfit suits you"
[ 5 ] to stop (cease moving/working/parking car - including "Állj! Halt!")
[ 6 ] to say (indicate in written form)
[ 7 ] to go, walk, step, get (to place oneself somewhere and stay there)
-[ 7a] to enlist, to side/stand with something, to stand up, to step up/to/under
[ 8 ] to stand (keep guard, model, stand in line/queue)
[ 9 ] to consist of something (with -bol)

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