"Where is the bank?"

Translation:Hol van a bank?

July 12, 2016



"Where is the bank" is more like "hol [van] a bank". "Hol áll a bank" is as strange and unnatural without context as "where stands the bank". If we are speaking a specific building that happens to function as bank, it may be correct (the bank stands at the corner of the main square – a bank a főtér sarkán áll), de így sokkal inkább megtévesztő, mint hasznos.

July 12, 2016


"Hol van a bank?" is accepted as correct.

October 19, 2016


This means where is the bank standing which doesnt translate as where is the bank really

September 16, 2016


Hol áll seems to be not common.

December 5, 2016


No van to pick but all means stand not really where is I agree

September 5, 2016
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