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  5. "Is it your wallet?"

"Is it your wallet?"

Translation:Czy to twój portfel?

July 12, 2016



Why not "czy ten portfel jest twoj?"?


Why is "Czy to twoja portfel" incorrect?


words like twój, wasz act like adjectives- the gender number and case have to match.

portfel is masculine noun, here in nominative case, so you need to use singular masculine nominative version - twój, wasz.

take the look on the table


If portfel is masculine, why isnt ten accepted?


"to" here is not a determiner ("this wallet"), it serves as the subject of the sentence ("Is [it/this/that] your wallet?")


Why is "czy jest twoj portfel" i thought it was one or the other?


Can instead of "czy to" also "czy to jest" be used? The case would then be instrumental instead of nominative? What would the sentence look like in that case: Czy to jest twoim portfellem?

  1. Yes, "czy to jest" can easily work.

  2. But it doesn't change the case to Instrumental. Instrumental is used in sentences built as "[noun] is [noun]", and this is "It is [noun]".

  3. Probably it's just a typo, but there's only one 'l' in "portfelem" :)


Hi Jellei--along these lines, the question, "Czy to twój szef?" would translate to, "is that your boss?"correct? If “to” is replaced with “on“, would the remainder of the question remain “twój szef" or would it change to "twoim szefem"? Thanks in advance.


Yes, changing the grammatical subject of the sentence from "to" (this/that/it) to "on" (he) would indeed change the form from "twój szef" to "twoim szefem".

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