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"Mi bebé está durmiendo en la cuna."

Translation:My baby is sleeping in the crib.

July 12, 2016



we call a baby´s bed a cot.


If durmiendo is 'sleeping' or 'falling asleep', then why isn't "My baby is falling asleep in the crib." correct?


For "My baby is falling asleep in the crib" you should say "Mi bebé se está duermiendo en la cuna" or "Mi bebé se está quedando dormido en la cuna".


The correct spelling is "durmiendo," but I really like learning that "quedando dormido" means "going to sleep/falling asleep." Thanks.


It is correct, it's just that Duolingo is teaching this verb specifically as 'to sleep' and any other translations are looser. You can report this if you see it again, though.


I typed the correct answer, word-for-word, and was marked incorrect.


I had the screen enlarged on this and the 5th option on all the DURMIENDO questions did not show up nor was there a visible way to report that or comment. I just realized it is the enlarged screen, which makes it possible for me to read it. Just so you know perhaps some of us need not so many options so we can see it all when enlarged a bit---not much but a bit

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