"Ezek szép és új hűtők."

Translation:These are beautiful and new fridges.

July 12, 2016

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I'm really getting frustrated with trying to guess whether "nice" is going to be accepted or not. Obviously here it was the more natural choice, but in the past many sentences where one would also use "nice" have required "beautiful".


As I remember in the English from Hungarian course "nice" was always accepted as the translation of "szép", I used it a lot as it is much shorter than "beautiful":)


When I was in school (in the early sixties - ouch), we were told, "Never use 'nice' unless you mean 'nice'"! We were told that "nice" means "precise", as in "a nice distinction". I realise that many things change through time, in languages.


Ditto! And that fridge is accepted whereas refrigerator isn't?!?


The course is still in beta, there are many correct solutions that aren't accepted, but you can help if you report them.


I have been reporting errors, consistently. It is rather unfair of you to downvote comments that you deem critical.


To me as a native English speaker, it sounds natural to say, "beautiful new fridges" (omitting the "and"). Do any native speakers agree with me?


In English we’d say ‘new and beautiful’. This sounds awkward.

What is the order of adjectives in Hungarian?


It counts the word refrigerators as wrong???


--------- it kicked out nice (for sze'p ) but not refrigerators . . .

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