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Spoken words coming too soon

An example of the problem: I was given a phrase to type in Spanish, "los momentos finales". What I heard as the page loaded was "...ales". To hear the full phrase, I had to click on the say-it-again button.

In this case, it was a minor annoyance. If it had happened on the last question of a dicey timed test, though, it would have been very frustrating indeed. Is it possible to delay playing the sound until the rest of the page has loaded?

February 2, 2014



Has this happened to you often? It might be an internet connection related issue. If you experience this again- let us know!


It happens quite a bit, perhaps one time out of twenty. It's most likely to happen on the first question of a test.


By the way, the internet connection on this computer seems fine. Both download and upload speeds are high, and I don't typically have problems with website response or the playing of sounds.


I have a similar issue sometimes. Sometimes there is a long pause before playback, so long that I end up having to listen to the slow version just to hear it.


I've had that experience as well.


Thanks for the extra details :)

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