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How you change courses / forums / subscriptions / languages

How you change course. How to change course. How to change forums. How to change subscriptions. How to change languages "READY ABOUT" ( that is a sailing call from the skipper to the crew - we are about to change course ;P ) Let me know if you have any questions. I wish you gentle seas and following winds. .... There are 5 ways to change between courses you are studying.

First way:
You see your profile right? That is up in the dark blue menu bar on the top of your page. And next to it is the flag of the language. Click on that flag and it will give you the option to switch languages.

Second way:
One of the ways I do it is to use the links in [GUIDE] Find a Discussion forum/board/list . I find it a quick way to change courses, and also to check out what is happening in specific discussion forums, or check the status of announcements etc.

Third way:

1. Go to your settings, by passing your cursor over your username, and selecting "Settings".
2. In the selection menu on the right hand side, select "Learning language".
3. Select the language you want.

Forth way: 1. go to your home page, and move your mouse over the language flag on the left side of your page.

Fifth way:
In the address bar of your browser, I type:

And yet another way is when someone else gives you a link to follow.

How to remove / reset languages:

  1. see the grey text for "Remove or reset a language." :)
  2. or, go up to your dark blue menu header, move your mouse across to where your name appears, next to you bio picture, click on it, and select from the drop down menu "settings".
    Under settings select "Learning language". And then click on the grey text for "Remove or reset a language."
  3. or, click here

Other related help articles:
- How can I learn multiple languages at the same time

Be aware that Duo only shows you your statistics for one base language at a time. So, if you are learning German and French from English and then decide to learn some languages from German, when you switch to the "from German" languages you won't be able to see any of your "from English" languages. That freaks a lot of people out at first :)
- My account is in a language I do not understand-How do I change it back
- Another discussion about this topic here

Thank you Tennisgirl616 for showing me the first way, and remoonline for showing the forth way.

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July 12, 2016


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July 12, 2016

You can reach the learning language page directly by clicking on the Change language icon (flag symbol present on the left side on the home page).

July 12, 2016
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Thank you remmonline ! I will also add that to the expanding lists of ways :D

September 8, 2016

Thank you. Unlike the web version it is not easy to remove a course in my Android phone. Why? Does Duolingo want to inflate the numbers of users for each language?

April 22, 2017

OH my gosh. I got stuck on Chinese and was freaking out about it forr agggess. By clicking a random button, which I found out was switch to course, I found my way back.... If you accidentally get stuck on it, follow daKanga's instructions to get to the courses. On the upper right, where it says I speak (or whatever language it is): , change it to the language you speak. It will then reload the page. Click on a random course, it should come up with all its contributors and percentages. In the little image/ picture, click Switch to courses/ whatever it says. It is underneath the description of the language. For example, 英语使用者的西班牙语课程- means Spanish course for English speakers. Click the tiny box underneath that. Hope this helps.

April 30, 2019
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