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"Storks are friends of the farmers."

Translation:Những con cò là bạn của nông dân.

July 12, 2016



the second accepted answer has 'con co' ie stork in the singular. is stork singular and plural.?


Những pluralises.


Yes, but the second answer doesn't have nhùng


When you talk of certain things in general you don't have to use những.

e.g. Mèo thích chơi với chỉ sợi = Cats like to play with yarn.


But there it includes the classifier!! "The stork" not generic "storks", or so we've been taught.


So, in an earlier module:

Kẻ thù của kẻ thù là bạn.

"The enemy of an enemy is a friend"

Now, I never got an explanation of why:

No người was required for "the enemy" or "friend".

No một was required for "an enemy"

No một was required for "a friend"

Now we have "những con có' for generic 'storks"?


I agree. I wonder why "Cò là bạn của nông dân" is not the preferred answer. Just when I thought I was starting to understand.


Accepts "cò là bạn..." too.

That makes more sense, as generic plural storks being the friends of generic plural farmers.

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