I will be travelling to Svalbard next year and I want to learn more.

First off, I want to mention how awesome this community is! There is a lot of information ready for just about every question that I have.

I will be travelling to Svalbard in September of 2017 on an arctic expedition/residency program based in the United States. When I first received the news I began attempting to teach myself Norwegian. With no previous experience in Norsk, so I have been trying many tactics to learn and retain all the information.

Currently, I am at 50% completion of the tree (while also keeping all courses gold), watching movies/shows with English subtitles, and following some people and companies on social media to see more of the day to day life.

Duolingo has been great so far with vocab, grammar and reading. That being said, I would like to find ways to help with speech, listening and retention. All of my multilingual friends offer some advice but they do not speak Norwegian so I am currently searching for more resources.

Can anyone help me find some really good resources?


2 years ago

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This thread holds an extensive list of resources, if you haven't seen it already.

If you join the FB group for Duolingo Norwegian learners, you'll find group chats announced there every so often, where you can practice your speech with other learners.

2 years ago

I've been using an app called HelloTalk. It's a great language learning app that allows you to speak to a multitude of different people that share your interests, the app allows your partner to correct your writing and you can also call if you want to practice speaking. There are countless helpful and friendly Norwegians there that would be more than happy to help you practice.

Lykke til!

2 years ago

I just downloaded it on my phone to give it a test run!

Looks great, thanks!

2 years ago
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