"Who is she kissing with?"

Translation:עם מי היא מתנשקת?

July 12, 2016

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The "with" here seems very unnatural to me.


I agree. Not only is the grammar wrong (it should be With whom is she kissing), one simply doesn't say that in English.

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I agree. It's just that the Hebrew sentence uses the reflexive form of the verb, which means that the question is about the identity of some person that she is kissing and that person is kissing her back. That is the normal way to express it in Hebrew. You would never say "את מי היא מנשקת" as that implies that that someone is not kissing her back.

In English you would say "who is she kissing?" In a statement it makes perfect sense to say "they are kissing (each other)", but I don't know of a good way to turn that into a question. Maybe "who is it that she and him are kissing each other?"

Anyway, kissing is normally reciprocal in Hebrew, but not in English.


It has to do with the verb kissing, see my comment below.


Im mi hi mitnasheket?


Personally, I don't mind a little warped English if it helps to illuminate the Hebrew (as it does here).


How about, with whom is she exchanging kisses? Not great but better than kissing with....


you can just say who(m) is she kissing (who would collequial; whom is more proper).


DL won’t accept who or whom is she kissing, because it wants to distinguish this reciprocal kissing verb (mitnasheqet) from menasheqet from the last lesson, which may or may not be reciprocal.

I can’t think of any way to reflect the reciprocal nature of the kissing in normal English, other than saying “each other”. DL seems though to have chosen a more awkward way to differentiate this kissing verb from the one we already learned.

Not a great choice, but I’m always grateful to be learning so much for free and without having to go to class somewhere. “Kissing with” gets the point across, awkward though it may be.


"who is she kissing with is not correct". It should be - formally- with whom is she kissing or -informally- who is she kissing.

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