"There is love in her!"

Translation:יש בה אהבה!

July 12, 2016



I wrote יש אהבה בה.... and it seems to be wrong .But why?

May 2, 2017


Can anyone explain the word order here?

July 12, 2016


"there is - in her - love" it could be rearranged and still be correct, but this is the more natural way to arrange it.

Or did you refer to the English?

July 12, 2016


no was thinking about the Hebrew: I had it differently and it was marked wrong

July 13, 2016


Yeah, I said, "יש אהבה בה" and it was marked "almost correct", showing the other order as the right answer.

December 15, 2016


Why is יש אהבה בה wrong?

August 12, 2017


יש אהבה בה –– is it also right?

February 8, 2017


when do you use -ב, and when do you use -בותכ

July 25, 2016


I also wonder that as "בתוכה" was marked incorrect.

July 26, 2016


As a native ב is almost always the best choice yo use, whether it's a figurative use or a regular one. בתוך is used exclusively with physical context meaning "a thing that is physically INSIDE something else". There are some poetic usages that use בתוך figuratively but in all everyday cases this is used only as I've said.

Ex: I'm at the house = אני בבית, I'm inside the house = אני בתוך הבית. I have ideas in my head = יש לי רעיונות בראש, I have a brain inside my head = יש לי מוח בתוך הראש.

July 12, 2018


Thank you! It's just that we had a series of exercises using בתןך

July 12, 2018


'בתוף' is actually "inside", whereas 'ב...' is (normally) just "in". They overlap sometimes, so more examples from natives are probably warranted.

January 22, 2017


Why is יש אהבה בתוכה wrong ?

March 13, 2017


My guess is that בה comes first because it is the start of a prepositional phrase.

December 27, 2017


In her or inside her... is there a difference?. I think בתוכה should be acceptef

July 6, 2018
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