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"ami fekete"

Translation:which is black

July 12, 2016



It's disturbing that it's just part of a sentence. This should be made clear.


Note the lowercase letter in the front and lack of a dot at the end.


It is in the notes


Which can't be reached from the app, as far as I'm aware.

Pressing on a lesson brings up the same menu as on the web version, but without the notes.


If ami is what, shouldn't this sentence have a question mark?


mi is the question word, ami is a relative pronoun -- "which" is usually the best translation, as in "the book WHICH is black".

ami fekete is not an entire sentence; it's just part of one.


It can also be "that", depending on the sentence.
"Minden, ami fekete..." - "Everything that is black..."
This is still not a complete sentence. How about:
"Szeretek mindent, ami fekete." - "I like everything (that is) black."


= mi fekete

We don't say "The book what is black" -- it's "The book that is black" or "The book which is black".


You are right.
But we could say: "I only eat what is black."
That would be "ami fekete", "ami" referring to a thing not expressly mentioned.

Btw, this, here, especially your examples, show a good example of when it is actually OK to use "ami", even though the noun it refers to is actually mentioned.

"The book, which I am reading" - "a könyv, amit olvasok".
I guess the case is helped by the noun being the last word of its clause, and by the second clause not being a restrictive one.


In the reverse translation just before this one the English was "is black", not "which is black".


That's a question where is the question mark?


It is not a question. A question would be "Mi fekete?". "ami" is not a question word it is a pronoun.


These are really bad translations. In these half sentences, "ami" translates to "that which is" in english.


I find that when I use which it should be that and when I use that it is wrong and should be which. Any rules?


The answer I got was: thats black. I’m so confused! Should it be: that’s black?


so, can this word be in a different form, like, can any native speaker translate this for me " I love everithing that has hungarian history in it"

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