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  5. "כמה נערים לומדים עברית?"

"כמה נערים לומדים עברית?"

Translation:How many teenagers are learning Hebrew?

July 12, 2016



אני אחד מהם!


How many young people are learning Hebrew. Young people is the term I would use, although in some crowds it could be a bit negative.


"Youth" is both a singular and plural word in English. "youth are...." is perfectly correct.


Kama ne'arim lomdim ivrit?


hebrew has a great and better word for teenager טיפש עשרה


Youth is plural. Google dictionary says youth is:"young people considered as a group." Youths is not a word. Thanks.


You are right, mostly. IN most usages it's a collective noun.


IT also sounds ridiculous unless you are referring to a gang, or youth up to no good.

But people think anyway should have an "s" on the end.... Banging my head into the wall.


Don't do it! Your head is precious!


So at what age do you stop being ילדים and become נערים in Israel? At what age do you stop being נערים in Israel?


I'm surprised there is a word for "teenager" in Hebrew נער that's not a loan word. Does it mean the same as English i.e. age 13 to 19 yrs? After all the "teen" suffix is present on English numbers and not Hebrew.


Actually, נער or בן נוער is much closer to young one than teenager. I think the spirit of teenager (although not its rigid definition regarding age) is best translated by the word for adolescent מתבגר i.e.: "the one who's on the process of turning into an adult"


Vivek Raman, the word נער is in the Old Testament and means a youth, young man or a servant. In 1 Kings 3, the LORD says to Solomon “Ask what I shall give you” and Solomon in his answer calls himself נער, which translates in the ESV as “a little child”.

The fact that נער is translated in English as “teenager” is probably what makes you think that it’s a modern word.

And as for what age you begin and stop being נער (young), I would guess that it’s as nebulous in Hebrew as it is in English.


Duolingo uses the word נוער for "youth". Does that mean there is no difference between נוער and נער?


There is. נוער is "youth" as a collective noun an נער is "a young man".

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