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  5. "Is this their juice?"

"Is this their juice?"

Translation:זה המיץ שלהן?

July 12, 2016



What exactly does the האם mean in this example? When is it necessary?


It's never necessary; in fact it's extinct from spoken Hebrew.


I've heard it given in an interview on YouTube. Would you say the interviewer was not speaking "normal" conversational Hebrew?


Yes. In front of a camera, speaking for broadcast, people strive to talk "higher".


Got it, thanks for your help!


It’s a question particle. It basically says ‘this is a polar question’.


When is the "זה" necessary?


If we were simply asking "Is the juice theirs", we would say המיץ שלהן? or האם המיץ שלהן?; however since we are asking "Is this their juice", we say זה המיץ שלהן? or האם זה המיץ שלהן. Knowing how to correctly use זה in such contexts can be a little tricky. It depends on what you want to emphasise. For instance, if we wanted to ask "Is this juice theirs?" we would say המיץ הזה שלהן?, giving the juice a definite article.


"this" is Ze

That is why it is necessary


can somebody tell me why המיץ הזה שלהם? is incorrect?


Because it's a different structure of sentence, in Hebrew as well as in English.

Is this juice theirs? = המיץ הזה שלהם?

In most contexts the exercise's sentence and this one can be interchanged, but they have slightly different emphasis and there are some contexts in which only one of them will work.

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