"Have you been to Wales?"

Translation:Wyt ti wedi mynd i Gymru?

July 12, 2016



Why mynd rather than bod? They do mean nearly the same thing to me, have you ever been and have you ever gone... Maybe my typo error in another part of the sentence was why it wasn't accepted.

March 5, 2017

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This is an issue of no exact translation being possible.

'Have you gone to Wales' is not a very common way in English of expressing a visit to a country or place.

'Bod' in a similar sentence would be something like 'wyt ti wedi bod mewn awyren' = have you been in an aeroplane.

But 'bod' wouldn't work for a visit to a country or place.

March 5, 2017


I'm very sorry to contradict you, mcode, but 'have you ever gone to wales' makes perfect sense if we are speaking of travel conditions. eg.-- "Wales? You just get on a train. No trouble." Answer from a jaded traveller--"Have you ever gone to Wales? The trains are rubbish." (Apologies to the Railways . It's just an example.)

November 12, 2017


Ydw, un gwaith.

July 12, 2016


un waith. Since "Gwaith" (when it means "time") is a feminine noun it mutates after "Un".

July 12, 2016


Later on I got a sentence with unwaith in, and realised my mistake :/

But of course, I couldn't edit it.

July 12, 2016
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