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  5. "I am very well."

"I am very well."

Translation:Nagyon jól vagyok.

July 12, 2016



what is the exact reason for "nagyon jó vagyok" not being accepted? (i mean, what does the L in the end means?)


"Jó" is an adjective (means "good") and "jól" is an adverb (means "well"). Adverbs usually get an -n/-an/-en ending (-ly in English), they get -l/-ul/-ül only rarely.

  • Hogy vagy? Jól vagy? = "How are you? Are you well?"
  • Nagyon jól vagyok. = "I am very well."
  • Jó vagy ebben a játékban? = "Are you good at this game?"
  • Nagyon jó vagyok. = "I am very good."
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