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  5. "Con dê ở cái đu quay."

"Con cái đu quay."

Translation:The goat is at the ferris wheel.

July 12, 2016



This is Goat Simulator then


I'm curious, why introduce such uncommon words so early in the course? Was "ferris wheel" chosen for its pronunciation, grammatical properties, some other reason? I can't see it having any practical use at all. :-(


You know what... I went to Saigon last month and I went to a place that had goats and a ferris wheel, so there you go...


If I had to guess, maybe for it's pronunciation?


I live in Vietnam and there are very, very, very few ferris wheels. There has GOT to be more useful vocabulary to use than this. How about "rice field". Those are all over, and the noun is very useful for asking directions.


I wrote "on" the ferris wheel and got it wrong. :(


I agree with Allison! The languages need to be more practical!!! WTH..Ferris Wheel! I get frustrated because this does not apply to me. I need immediate help! I'm a Realtor and just want to be able to say common greetings like,,Hi, How are you? What's your name? My name is Bianca. How can I help you? And a Realtor business section,, Like common help for Real Estate agents. How many bedrooms do you need? How many bathrooms do you need? I shouldn't have to go to my Google search to learn. Xin Chào and Toi la Bianca! Good grief folks come on Lam on, Cam on!!


How would you translate "The goat is [in] the ferris wheel"?


I don’t think you can be AT the Ferris wheel in English.... ON, BY, NEAR, ABOVE, hell even BELOW, but my grammar has to really stretch to imagine a situation where the average English speaker would say something is AT the Ferris wheel


I hope to meet you this afternoon at the ferris wheel with My Pet Goat in tow


Lol Dan I hope to see your pet goat ON the ferris wheel this afternoon! I too had the same dilemma as SanDigital. I got it wrong because I couldn't bring myself to use the least likely preposition even though I knew the literal translation


In the ferris wheel should be accepted.


No because ở is at or 'there' and trông is in


Are you learn vietnamese


Usually i think "o" is live in and "trong" is in. Well I guess that's what I get for not focusing on my origin language


Sometimes same lol


this is such a random sentence


Imo, another valid translation could be The goat is on the merry-go-round/carousel

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