"Pécsett nagy terek, régi épületek, és barátságos emberek vannak."

Translation:There are big squares, old buildings, and friendly people in Pécs.

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In case anyone is wondering about the strange form "Pécsett" for "in Pécs", here is an explanation (of sorts) in Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungarian_noun_phrase#Town.2Fcity_names Pécs is, I think, the only town where the locative -tt form is in widespread use.

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Pécsett, Győrött, Győrben are all correct forms; other towns of Hungarian origin take the much more common locative suffix 'on/en/ön.' The suffix 'ott' may also be used with town names that end with 'vár' (castle).

Sopronban, Debrecenben have the suffix 'ban/ben.' The names of those cities end with 'on/en.'

Esztergomban, Veszprémben also use the suffix 'ban/ben' due to their endings.

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"In Pécs" can be places either at the end of this sentence, or at the beginning. Reported.

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