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  5. "We are not boys, but men."

"We are not boys, but men."

Translation:Mi nem fiúk vagyunk, hanem férfiak.

July 12, 2016



"Mi nem kisfiuk, hanem ferfiak vagyunk" sounds more like we would say in Hungary emphasizing the difference between "little" boys and grown up men.


Do you have to say Mi?


No, you're right, we don't have to say "mi" at all. I just thought if you wanted to emphasize the fact that these fellows are not boys any longer we may want to put out "mi" to show who it refers to. Sometimes we do that in Hungarian, same in Italian, etc. The sentence without "mi" should be accepted.


Just failed again. Nem fiúk vagyunk hanem férfiak is not accepted. Reported.


I am not a program writer or an IT pro - you need to report it, even so it may take them some time to change settings. Thank you for understanding!


Do one have to use "vagyunk"? And if so, why?


It is the we translation of "to be". You only drop the verb "to be" in certain cases where you're using it in the third person. For the first and second person, both singular and plural (so, if the verb would be vagyok, vagy, vagyunk, or vagytok) you have to use it.


Do you HAVE to out fiuk in the focus position (between nem and vagyunk)? Or can you say nem vagyunk fiúk, hanem férfiak?


The next clause ("hanem férfiak") requires fiúk to be in the focus.


Mi nem vagyunk fiúk hanem ferfiak .There is a good translation.Trust me, my mother language is hungarian:)


Why is this not in the accusative case?

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