"מי אתה?"

Translation:Who are you?

July 12, 2016

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Mi ata? Who are you?


If you meant "it's me", that would be זה אני. Or a woman would say זאת אני.


...and what have you done with my shrubberies?!


Someone who loves you


Miyata. Mazda Miyata. (like in Bond. James Bond) :)))


Who do you talk to about charged ? I am so sad I thiught it was 5.99 a month and it took 85.00 oug of my account Iwas wondering why I was out of money. I have been trying to cancel this subscription for months and coudn't figure it out and wrote them in here but I am si ck with confusional migraines alot. And have little income. I struggl to remember what im doing and keeping up with things. I wish I had NEVER subscribed. I am sure I chose 5.99 a month Because I cannot take it out in one payment and it did and that's why I ran out of money. So it did not charge me the plan I chose. haven had any newer subscription options . I have ADHD and it takes me a long time to get anything done or to study so I'm very slow and I have not even seen the options that they have in the newer thing I wish I had never subscribed and I'm really upset that they charged me so much and I hope to God that they don't charge me anymore cuz it's not worth it it's not worth it When they charge you Not according to what you agreed to and you don't even get all the services that are supposed to be on the newer one that's you're being charged for because I didn't get any extra fancy things show up on my app until today and after I saw the charge . I did not see any fancy services or anything showing that I had paid so that's why I was trying to cancel also plus I was worried about the money because I just been left of the house and huge bills ,Because my grandmother died. I need someone to contact me .I struggle trying. To remember who.I talked to and where. I just need this resolved .. I've been trying to for months and now it got a big charge when it was supposed to be monthly 4059778951 .


It is their policy to charge for the whole year at once, if you decided for the yearly plan. It shows the price per month, but they still charge you for the whole year. There is only one possible way to contact them - via this email: plus_support@duolingo.com. There is no other way of reaching them. You can try and explain to them what the issue is and hopefully they will be able to help you resolve your problem.

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