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"A fiatal művész a megálló előtt hegedül."

Translation:The young artist is playing violin in front of the stop.

July 12, 2016



"Megálló" always throws me off. I keep thinking it means some kind of store because of the Mega Lo Mart from King of the Hill :P


Is playing violin (without THE) not possible in English)?


It IS possible in English. We regularly refer to "playing violin", the same way speak of "playing football" or "playing Nintendo". I've reported this question.


What's the verb for playing the piano? Or flute? Or harp? Is there a special verb for every instrument or are violins special?


Playing the piano - zongorázik (from zongora); playing the flute - fuvolázik (from fuvola); playing the harp - hárfázik (from hárfa). Basically - add -zik.

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