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  5. "Ez nem magas ház."

"Ez nem magas ház."

Translation:This is not a tall house.

July 12, 2016



My answer was "this house is not tall" which was not accepted. Hungarian is too different a language to transliterate into English. Hopefully they improve this as this might confuse some learners.


Your answer means "Ez a ház nem magas" which has a different meaning and should not be accepted. While I agree that hungarian is a very different language from english, it is not impossible to learn if you have enough motivation and persistence.


My family is Hungarian and I've spoken Hungarian since I was a toddler. "Ez a ház nem magas" carries the same overall meaning as "Ez nem magas ház". Hungarian is a unique language where word order is not important in sentence structure for the meaning. However, the word order can change the emphasis of what is being said.



The audio last word is not clear.

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