"Germany is not a poor and cheap country, either."

Translation:Németország sem szegény és olcsó ország.

July 12, 2016

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Is it okay to say "Németország sem egy szegény és olcsó ország"?


Yes, I think it's even better with the indefinite article because it's more universal.

Here are my thoughts about whether you should include it or not.

  • Németország nem szegény ország. = "Germany is not poor [being a] country."
  • Németország nem egy szegény ország. = "Germany is not a poor country."

Let me give you a different example:

  • Usain Bolt nem egy gyors úszó, ő egy gyors futó. Phelps a gyors úszó. = "Usain Bolt is not a fast swimmer, he is a fast runner. Phelps is the fast swimmer."

egy cannot be omitted because we need to set up a contrast and state that Usain is a runner by profession (and, also, that he is good at it).

  • Michael Phelps nem lassú úszó, hanem gyors. = "Michael Phelps is not slow [being a] swimmer, but fast."

egy can be omitted as long as we imply that the listener already knows that he is some kind of swimmer, and we just want to make it clear that he is good at what he does.


That helps! Köszi a választ! :D

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