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"A bankhoz és az épületekhez a bank körül katonák sietnek."

Translation:Soldiers hurry to the bank and to the buildings around the bank.

July 12, 2016



After six months of doing this course I'm not sure that my Hungarian has improved, but friends are beginning to comment on my weird English.


Oh yes!!! My English got mixed up too.


Quite a feat to come up with an overcomplicated sentence like this...


The hungarian sentence is wrong. Incomprehensible. Maybe: A bankhoz és a bank körüli épületekhez katonák sietnek.


I agree, the Hungarian is not correct. It should be "Katonák sietnek a bankhoz és a bank körüli épületekhez."


Top-down in the tree -> "körüli" (with the -i suffix) has not been introduced yet.

A bankhoz és az épületekhez a bank körül katonák sietnek.
Soldiers hurry to the bank and the buildings around the bank.


I might have figured this one out with a well placed comma but I guess the hungarian sentence doesn't allow for it?


Why not: Soldiers hurry to the bank and the buildings around? And the same in Hungarian :-)) Katonák sietnek a bankhoz és az epületekhez körül. (???)


Non-agglutinated post positions (körül, alatt, mögül, stb.) must be used after nouns in the nominative case (épület, bank, alma). They cannot be used after any other case, unless that post position requires it (valamin keresztül). So your sentence is almost correct, just bring the körül in front of the épületek and add an -i to make it an adjective. "Katonák sietnek a bankhoz és a bank körüli épületekhez."


Nagyon köszönöm :-)


Hate to be a stickler, but 'nagyon köszönöm' isn't used, 'köszönöm szépen' is much more correct :)


I use "Nagyon koszonom" pretty often, Stev. It is accepted and I guess it's the abbreviated form of "Nagyon szepen koszonom." Just like in English we say "thanks much" etc...


Perhaps it's dilectal, but I've had multiple natives correct me on 'nagyon köszönöm.'


Thanks much? We say? I know "many thanks" and "thanks a lot", but I've never heard of and I would never use "thanks much". Never ever.


Thanks much? sounds more like sarcasm.
It's Köszönöm szépen because szép is "nice".


This task is bad. Hungarians do not speak like this.


Mikor javítják ki a hibás mondatokat?

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