"These buildings?"

Translation:Ezeket az épületeket?

July 12, 2016

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Why is it 'Ezek az epuletek" and not simply "Ezek epuletek"?


Because of Hungarian grammar :)

Also, Ezek épületek. would mean "These are buildings." rather than "these buildings".


How is there an accusative without any verb?


I suppose they're the object of an implied verb such as "Do you mean....?"


Thank you. Still a little bit confusing though


Of course it's confusing..that's Hungarian for you !


It's pretty normal for languages with cases.

  • Have you ever seen them?
  • These buildings? No, they weren't finished yet when I last visited.

There you go.


I am so confused. Why is it "ezeket" in this sentence, but another sentence in this lesson was "ezek"? ("ezek nem ablakok") What is the difference and how can i tell when to use what??


In this sentence, it's literally impossible to tell which it is. Both must be accepted.


The difference between "ezek az épületek" and "ezeket az épületeket" is that the second would be used as a response to a question like "Which buildings?" and the first is just a phrase with no context, right?


No, it's not that simple. The first is in the nominative case, the second in the accusative. The first can appear as a subject of a sentence, as in "ezek as épületek pirosak"/"these buildings are red". The second cannot appear as a subject but can appear as an object, as in "ezeket az épületeket látom"/"I see these buildings".

Both in English and Hungarian, both of these can be an appropriate response to "which buildings", as in "which buildings [are red]?" and "which buildings [do you see]?".

Without context, both "ezek az épületek" and "ezeket az épületeket" are correct translations of "these buildings". If this sentence occurs in the Accusative skill, you should probably use the accusative, however ;-)

  • How old are they ?
  • These buildings ?

In that case is "Ezeket az épületeket" a correct answer ?


Not really, they are still the subject of the sentence.

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    How would you say 'are these buildings'?


    Ezek épületek?

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