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"de la" vs "del"

I think this may be a stupid question but "de la" and "del" seem to be the same thing. When do I choose one over the other?

Is del a masculine form?

February 27, 2012



Del is infact the masculine form of "de el". Where as the feminine form is "de la". From my understanding, the reason the masculine form is changed to "del" instead of "de el" is because not only do then sound almost exactly the same, but it's easier to write as well.

Either that or they like making our lives difficult. ;)


'de el' is shortened to 'del' simply because 'de el' is awkward to pronounce... with masculine nouns use 'del' and with feminine nouns use 'de la' unless the feminine noun begins with the letter 'a' in which case use 'del', confused yet? hope this helps ...


Thanks guys, you both made this very clear.

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