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I completed the Dutch tree

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This week, I completed the Dutch tree. Now, I shall practice, practice, practice to refine what I have learned!

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It not only brought me closer to my Dutch ancestry, but also opened up an entirely new group of reading material for me. I typically spend time every day reading in multiple languages. I have been wanting to read in Dutch and now I can do it! Hooray! I have already read four books in Dutch while I was taking this course.

Dutch was a new language for me and it took me about five months to complete the tree. I found it to be an extremely easy language to learn.

I have taken many courses over the years in multiple languages and am familiar with many different language learning methods. I liked the Duolingo methodology so well that I will be working on more trees in other languages in the future. I am taking French right now to brush up my existing French skills and I plan to do the same for Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German since those are languages that I've worked on learning for many years. Eventually, I hope to also work on other languages that I have only dabbled with before.

At any rate, Duolingo has been a great learning method for me. I have recommended it to quite a few other people since I think it is extremely effective. It is also a great tool for the older language learner to use to acquire a new language.

It is a myth that older learners cannot learn a new language. I have added a new language about every ten years. I started with Latin which was a good base to start from, then added Italian when I was studying art history, then Spanish, then Portuguese, then German, then French and now I am learning Dutch. English is my native language and I found a lot of common vocabulary with Dutch. Over the years, I have also dabbled with other languages, and was pleased to see that Duolingo has other courses in those languages, too.

Anyway, it was a pleasure to use Duolingo to learn Dutch. I appreciate the work that everyone has done to develop the course.

2 years ago