"This comes through hard work."

Translation:זה בא על ידי עבודה קשָה.

July 12, 2016



Can't we also say זה בא בדרך עבודה קשה? In what situation do you say it without the ב prefix?

July 12, 2016


Saying בדרך isn't grammatically correct here. בדרך means "in a way", "in the way (meaning method), "on the way", "on the road", etc. דרך in this case means "through", for example: היא מבינה דרך מוסיקה - "she understands through music". If I wanted to use בדרך in this sentence, it would be היא מבינה בדרך מוסיקלית - "she understands in a musical way". In the selfsame way, if we wanted to use בדרך in the sentence above, we would eliminate the word עבודה, and leave only the adjective - זה בה בדרך קשה. This would give us a different meaning altogether - "this comes in a difficult way".

July 13, 2016


Are there other cases of Hebrew nouns being used as prepositions, or is דרך unique?

July 7, 2018


Well, I think there is a strong tendency for nouns being used as prepositions not to use them as the original nouns: עֵקֶב due to or סָבִיב around for example are never used as reward or sourrounding.

April 16, 2019


Can one not say, also, זאת בא מעבודה קשָה? What is the incorrect part? זאת ? Or מעבודה?

January 7, 2017
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