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  5. "ילדה יפָה."

"ילדה יפָה."

Translation:A beautiful girl.

July 13, 2016



Is it also "A girl is beautiful"?


No. If you wanted to say "a girl is beautiful", there are a few options depending on your emphasis. This sentence in particular is trickier than others, for some reason. The first option would be ילדה אחת יפה - which means "one girl is beautiful". If you wanted to make it a bit more ambiguous, you would probably say ילדות הן יפות - "girls are beautiful". If you are talking about the idea of a girl being beautiful, you would say something along the lines of ילדה זה דבר יפֶה - "a girl is a beautiful thing".


My answer should have been accepted. It was missing a period.


I never add periods, only question marks when appropriate


why is it not 'the girl is beautiful'? I thought 'a beautiful girl' would be הילדה היפה. How does one know if it is 'a bad boy' or 'the boy is bad'?


The "ה" in front of a noun makes it "the"

Girl- ילדה The girl- הילדה The girl is beautiful.- .הילדה יפה The beautiful girl- הילדה היפה A girl is beautiful/A beautiful girl- ילדה יפה


It gave me an "almost correct" because I didn't have the niqqud on the פ in יפה


If I answer " ילדה יפה" I get told that I have a typo and everytime if I wright "יפה " I get it marked wrong! Why on earth??? I do not understand


Maybe put פה' instead of יפה ? I am just guessing , because once it happened with me.


"Bat" is a daughter in Hebrew, right?


It is hard to understand this man's pronunciation at times


Yup, sounds like he is saying "yel-die" instead of "yel-dah"

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