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  5. "I am just an employee."

"I am just an employee."

Translation:Jestem tylko pracownikiem.

July 13, 2016



Wouldn't it be "Właśnie jestem pracownikiem"?


that would mean "actually, I'm an employee".

In time related sentences (just before verb) - właśnie
In other sentences - tylko


Why does tylko have to go after jestem here?


It's like being 'just an employee', not 'just being an employee'.

"Tylko jestem pracownikiem" would sound quite weird, like it was the only thing that could be said about you.

Leaving the pronoun and saying "Ja tylko jestem pracownikiem" sounds okayish, but I don't know if it's worth accepting.


Ok thank you Marek as always. I realised it must have been something like that after I posted my comment and tried to make a guess in another one but couldn't word it clearly enough in English :P


'just' except 'tylko" ma znaczenie jako "wlasnie"///


"Jestem właśnie pracownikiem" would mean something like "You said you needed an employee of this store and here I am, I am exactly an employee".

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