"She needs to learn but she does not have anywhere."

Translation:היא צריכה ללמוד אך אין לה איפה.

July 13, 2016

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She needs to learn but she does not have anywhere.........to what? The sentence is incomplete in English.


hee tzrikhah leelmód akh ein lah éifo


Is it more natural to hear someone say, "היא צריכה ללמוד אך אין לה איפה," or is it more natural to hear, "היא צריכה ללמוד אבל אין לה שום מקום"?


In daily conversation, אבל is far more common than אך which sounds too literary. אבל אין לה איפה is how I would express it, but if you said to me אבל אין לה שום מקום I would understand.


Well ‘אֵין לָהּ שׁוּם מָקוֹם’ sounds very awkward. It literally means ‘she has no place’, or even ‘no opening (to sign up)’.

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