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  5. "A postás siet."

"A postás siet."

Translation:The postal worker is in a hurry.

July 13, 2016



To be in a hurry does not mean that you are hurrying up. It means that you have a problem that needs urgent solution. So the translation "the postman is hurrying up "is more correct


In Canadian English we are using the phrase 'letter carrier' instead of 'postman' or 'mailman' to be gender neutral :)


Be cool even if dogs (and doggins) will start to carry the letters


No need for future tense. ... if dogs start carrying...


"postas" is highlighted as "postal worker", but when I entered it, I got it wrong.


"Letter carrier", is a very fine phrase. But "postal carrier" as in, "The postal carrier is rushing" is a formulation I have not encountered before. My correct response, "The letter carrier is in a hurry" was mistakenly rejected by the Hungarian linguists manning this operation.

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