"This child speaks English."

Translation:To dziecko mówi po angielsku.

July 13, 2016

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Why isn't it "te dziecko...."?


because it is only one child. "to" - is "this" for singular nominative neuter words.

this boy- ten chłopiec
this girl- ta dziewczynka
this child- to dziecko
te dzieci, te dziewczynki- these children, these girls
ci chłopcy- these boys.


nice to find this similarity with Russian!! To speak "English" would be in Russian " по английски " ( по - po here) ( and in the second place it is put the language in question)


Okay, so I put "To dziecko po angielku" which I realise now is wrong because I forgot 'mówi', but it corrects me to "To dziecko zna angielski". Why? What would make this different to "To dziecko mówi po angielku"?


Typo, it's "angielsku" :)

Seems that the algorithm considered this answer closer to yours - why, who knows. Anyway, that's literally "This child knows English", which we considered close enough and popular enough to accept.


Can you tell me why it's mówi not mówię. What word am. I supposed to be looking at to tell me what form of to speak should I use. I thought the child would indicate the form to use (and maybe just got it wrong anyway)


Mówię is first person singular (I), whereas mówi is third person singular (he, she, it).


Please what is the difference between to, ten, ta, ci, te


They are all Nominative forms of the word "ten" (this), but for different genders:

ten (masculine), ta (feminine), to (neuter), ci (virile), te (nonvirile).

Read more here: https://www.clozemaster.com/blog/polish-demonstrative-pronouns/

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