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  5. "W tym pokoju wolno gotować."

"W tym pokoju wolno gotować."

Translation:One may cook in this room.

July 13, 2016



"You are allowed to cook in this room" The 'you' means everyone, it isn't necessarily specified to one person Or "It is permitted to cook in this room". Meaning this room is safe to cook in, it is equipped for cooking.


"it is allowed to cook" = "wolno gotować"? I am confused.. why is it not something like "to cook slowly" and where does the "allowed to" come from?


"wolno" has two meanings- one is adverb- slowly

other is something like modal verb, it means "one may", "people are allowed to", "it is allowed" etc., and is always followed with infinitive (gotować).


cooking is permitted in this roon


This works (apart from the typo in 'room').


Hi. Same problem as before - I suggest "You are allowed to cook in this room" or "You can cook in this room".


As this is a subjectless sentence in Polish, right now I went with "One may cook in this room" as the default one.


OK, but "one may" sounds pretty formal to me (I don't know anyone who'd actually say it); "you can" or at a pinch "one can" is more natural.

Incidentally, "one" is usually reserved for written, especially academic, texts, where "one may" is usually used to refer to possibility rather than permission, I think. It would not normally be used in a notice or list of youth hostel conditions, for example, or by the "owners" of the room. "One can" might be used by a third party describing the situation, on TripAdvisor, for example, or perhaps by some extremely posh (or perhaps pretentious) British users of the room using "one" to mean "we"!

But in the British Highway Code, for example, it's all "You can ..., You must ..., You can't ..."


I have that problem, most of my error are through carelessness, I don't check what write. I hate that, I worked as a printer for 17 years and usually catch everyone's typos but my own. What can I say, just celebrated my 83rd birthday on the 20th. Getting sloppy in my middle age. Moje urodzinie


Happy Birthday! :) Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin! :)


How would you say "to cook slowly"?


Probably "gotować powoli", although technically I guess you could use 'wolno' as well.


Why not cooking in this room is permitted, t tells the story as is.


Yes, there are many ways and many word orders that we accept, this was simply missed (we already accepted "Cooking is permitted in this room"). Added now.


My problem is that there are so many ways of saying the same sentence, all having the same meaning in the states. I find it confusing at times.


It is a strange sentence. Very strange.


Doesn't pomalu fit or is it improper use of the word.


It doesn't fit. "pomału" is a synonym of "wolno" (it seems even slower than "wolno") in the meaning of "slowly", not in the meaning of "one is allowed".


"It is allowed to cook in this room" is not correct for this sentence in English.

Alternatives would be: You can cook here (most common)

One may cook here (formal, only in writing)

Cooking is allowed here (second most common)

Cooking is permitted here (also sounds kind of bookish and formal)


"It is allowed to cook in the room" is a crummy sentance. What is allowed to cook in this room? Are you refering to the perso cooking as an it? They chicken is allowed to cook in this room? Is it a crummy sentance in Polish, too? Or is there something that is lost in translation?


It generally is allowed. The 'it' that doesn't refer to anything special is used here. As it seems that a lot of people dislike this construction, I guess I may leave "One may cook in this room" as the only starred answer. Although frankly, "it is allowed" seems to be closer grammatically.


Yep, the room is so hot. . .


I think this thread needs another comment ;-)

"In this room it is free to cook"


I'm not sure if you're joking or not, but to me this means "it doesn't cost anything" :)

"W tym pokoju można gotować za darmo."


Solve the problem, go to the restaurant for the meal.:-) That's another word used often for eating. Must be confusing for those learning English, too many way of saying the same thing. There is also dine, vittles, grub, chow snack.

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